Work Experience

Software Developer @EDUWARE

JUL 2013 - JUN 2015

Handled the tasks of developing full life cycle application, Responsible for coding and debugging different customize application for schools. Implemented new customize (Report Cards, Receipts, Payment Notice) .

Web Developer & Designer @DUBAI TECHNOLOGIES

JAN 2013 – MAY 2013

Responsible for implementing online systems for tracking students and school buses. Designed Front end graphical user interface (Icons, Layout).Supported testing team in schools to follow-up system working (Longitude, latitude of the buses on the map and student checking in, checking out).Handled the tasks of designing HTML5 & CSS3 web pages.


SEP 2012 - DEC 2012

Responsible for testing new service, products and website. Handled the tasks of managing the modification on service, products and website from Marketing and Development Dept.

Software Developer @IT-LAND TECHNOLOGIES

JAN 2012 - FEB 2012

Handled the tasks with team in Marketing and Maintenance system for Golden Group (Water Refining).


AUG 2007 - DEC 2010

Handled the tasks of developing full life cycle application (Health Center system contain most of Clinics for Qunitra Health Documentary. Responsible for coding, designing and debugging different software languages. Handled the tasks of managing Windows client including debugging, feature development and feature release. Conducted software analysis, software review, system risks analysis, identifying code metrics and analysis of software reliability (Record Department system for Qunitra Health Documentary). Handled the tasks of developing high-end software packages. Created installation programs for all packaging variations and administered version control systems.


Bachelor in Information Technology @Syrian Virtual University

January 2010

Computer Engineering @Computer Engineering Institute

July 2006